Expert Oracle Application Express

Expert Oracle Application Express

It’s been around 3 years since I wrote Pro Oracle Application Express (with a chapter contributed by Scott Spendolini), and like most first time authors I said “That was a great experience, but I’m in no hurry to write another book again!”.

Writing a technical book is a very rewarding experience, but trying to do it alongside your regular day job is tough (tougher than I ever imagined). Trying to meet publishers deadlines while still trying to  keep your (paying!) clients happy is very tough indeed.

However, a couple of events made me rethink my “never again” policy, firstly the very sad passing of Carl Backstrom and then the equally sad and unexpected passing of Scott Spadafore.

These two people helped me immensely during my time with Oracle Application Express and since I knew them both personally I wondered what I could do to help the families of two people who I admired immensely and also considered friends.

That’s when I came up with the idea of writing a collaborative book, with each chapter written by a different author who knew both Carl and Scott.

At ODTUG last year I approached people who I knew felt the same way about Carl and Scott as I did and I felt an enormous sense of pride that every single one of the authors didn’t hesitate in agreeing to contribute a chapter, so for that I am eternally grateful to:

There is some great technical content in this book, written by some of the worlds best known Oracle APEX experts. Even if you don’t think you need this book, buy it…PLEASE.


A PLEA FROM ME: If you are only going to buy 1 book on APEX this year…please make it this one, if you are going to buy more than 1…well make sure one of them is this book!

33 thoughts on “Expert Oracle Application Express

  1. Michel van Zoest

    Great that you are doing this to help the families of Carl and Scott.

    I pre-ordered it without any hesitation.
    Any single name on this author list would be a reason to buy the book, so this will be epic, without a doubt.


  2. George Bara

    Wow, this book seems to have gathered the best-of-the-best APEX experts. It’s definitely a must have… Nice initiative with the memorial funds. Shows true friendship and human value. Congratulations!


  3. Stew

    Pre-order placed.

    I only wish the Amazon description of the book had more about the contents of the book and less about the authors. For example, I would hope that Anton Nielsen wrote (or at least contributed to) the security section, but the description doesn’t even say if such a section is included.

    But I trust you guys and I’m a sucker for tributes to two great guys. Thanks to all for your efforts.


  4. John Scott


    Anton is indeed doing the security section, I asked all the authors to pick the topics they were most comfortable with doing and didn’t pressure anyone to do any particular chapter. I think that will make for a great book overall.

    I’ll update the post with a TOC when I get a chance.

    Thanks for the support,



  5. Scott Wesley

    I’ve had the pleasure of performing technical review for a number of chapters in this book, and so far it has been outstanding.

    Rest assured it will be the best Apex book on the rack for a while – and now I feel better knowing it will be for a good cause.



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  7. Mathias Magnusson

    Any chance this book will have a kindle version anytime soon? I will get this book, but I’d prefer to have it on kindle. That way I can reference it anywhere I am, as long as any of my devices is available. And it does not require killing trees.


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  9. Aman....

    Excellent idea John, hats off to you for taking this task in hand. I shall surely will buy the book and have also posted a post to echo what Doug has already put so nicely.



  10. sandesh

    Looking forward to it , we do a lot of development on Apex and its been a while we have had books on APEX4 covering some of the new features


  11. Shravan

    Apex community is like a big family and joining hands by some of the top experts – on this wonderful book project – tells us how much regards and respect we have for the best friends that Apex community has lost and a greatway to remember and acknowledge their great work. Congratulations to John in initiating this project and to all the authors who’re participating in this effort. I’d also recommend everyone not just buying the book but also plan book launch events in all the cities and pay tribute to the good friends that Apex community shall miss. Thanks and looking forward to purchasing the book. Its already on my Amazon Wish List/Preordered.


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  13. Frank

    I have great respect for the knowledge both Scott and Carl demonstrated. If only for the sake of the memorial funds, I put in my preorder (still!) today.
    Sure takes some time to get this printed?


  14. Gabor


    I’d really like to buy this, but it’s not available on Kindle. I’ve seen your comment above that it should be, but it’s not.


  15. Gabor

    I’d really like to buy this book, but it’s not available on Kindle. Do you know when it’ll be published on Kindle?


  16. Jon Barwell

    Book arrived early this morning. Trying to flick through while doing 1001 other jobs. Looks like it will be an invaluable source of reference.


  17. Reid McKinley

    Thanks, John! I ordered the book. Sending the proceeds to the memorial funds is a great idea! May God bless their families with much from this. Carl B. and Scott S. have helped me on *numerous* occasions by openly sharing their APEX insights on their blogs and OTN forum responses.
    Thanks again,


  18. Robyn Spadafore

    Thanks for the recognition of a brilliant man Scott, gentle in his ways and always willing to share his knowledge. He passed into spirit exctly a year after his older brother, my husband. The Spadafore family’s loss is great.



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