My Oracle Openworld APEX Sessions

Oracle Openworld 2014 is just around the corner (it’s still not too late to register) and I’m going to be presenting a couple of sessions –

  • Oracle Application Express + Node.JS: A Primer [UGF5222] – Sunday, Sep 28, 2:30 PM – 3:15 PM – Moscone South – 300
  • Testing Oracle Application Express: Removing the Boring from Testing [CON5219] – Thursday, Oct 2, 2:30 PM – 3:15PM – Moscone South – 303

I presented these sessions at KScope14 and got great feedback from both sessions (I’m very proud to say I got a Top Speaker Award for the Testing session).

Hope to see you there!

2 thoughts on “My Oracle Openworld APEX Sessions

  1. Tim St. Hilaire


    I hope your presentation at OOW went well. I am sorry that I was not able to attend. I did enjoy your presentation at KSCOPE and have the recording for my library.

    Did you by chance publish your example code? I was unsuccessful in finding it.

    Safe travels home!
    — Tim St.


  2. Sayee Natarajan

    Enjoyed your session at OOW on testing. I got the PDF of the session. Any chance you would be willing to share some of the code that you demonstrated? I found it quite valuable.




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