Oracle APEX 5.0.1 Patchset Released

The first patchset for Oracle APEX 5 has been released and it contains a number of fixes, the complete patchset note are available here but some of the stand-out fixes for me(i.e ones I’ve experienced!) are :

  • 20034145 – Some ORA errors are not being handled by the error handling function
  • 20433298 – ORA-00904: ‘R’.’ROWID’: Invalid Identifier Error in interactive report using static LOV
  • 20744272 – Page Designer: No text editor used for custom plug-in attributes of type Textarea
  • 20780156 – D3 line charts missing label
  • 21026665 – Slow performance in Create Application Wizard
  • 21098867 – APEX_WEB_SERVICE.MAKE_REST_REQUEST incorrectly sets content-length

There are a huge number of other fixes – so I’d definitely recommend installing the patch (or upgrading to the 5.0.1 release if you’re still on APEX 4).

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