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Expert Oracle Application Express (2nd Edition)


Time flies, back in 2011 I blogged about Expert Oracle Application Express.

It is one of the things I’m most proud about in my life, I came up with the idea of a book to help the families of Carl Backstrom and Scott Spadafore after their untimely passing. I approached a number of people I knew and asked them if they would all contribute a chapter and they all jumped at the chance.

With the release of Oracle APEX 5 it was time to update that book for APEX 5 and we’ve finally (after a lot of time and effort!) done that. Many of the chapters are updated for APEX5 but many of them are completely new – so even if you own the first edition of the book PLEASE buy the new one, because there’s a wealth of new information in there.

You can check it out on Amazon and the APress website.

Once again I’d like to thank my fellow authors for helping to make my idea a reality.

Oh and once again ALL the royalties are split equally between the two families, we authors don’t make a dime / penny out of any sales!