Oracle Cloud – Connecting to your APEX Instance

Following my last blog post, now you have an Oracle Cloud DBaaS Instance up and running, you might want to access your (pre-installed) APEX instance.

First step to doing this is to open the Firewall port to allow HTTP and HTTPS access.

The network rules for ora_p2_http and ora_p2_httpssl need to be enabled (HTTP should redirect to HTTPS).


Type in your public IP address into your browser and it should take you to the home page for your instance. Note depending which browser you use you might get an SSL warning due to the self signed certificate.


In Chrome – you can click the ‘Advanced’ link (which isn’t obvious you can click on it), and then you can ignore the warning about the self-signed certificate and continue navigation to the site.


Success! You can navigate to the various options (like Database Monitor, APEX etc) from here. Note in a production system you might not want this page open to the world and we’ll discuss options for doing that in a later blog post.


2 thoughts on “Oracle Cloud – Connecting to your APEX Instance

  1. Sasha Splinter

    Hi, John!
    Thank You for Your clear articles about Oracle Cloud!
    We are trying to investigate DBaaS in Oracle Cloud also exactly for APEX applications. But it seems (while looking on Your screenshots) we use little different Oracle Cloud platform (EMEA Commercial 2 – Amsterdam версии Would You clarify that our confusion and show a URL to preinstalled APEX?

    Thank You!



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