SQLcl the Future?

I’ve worked with SQLPlus for years and like many people who have used Oracle for a while you come to learn its strengths and weaknesses. However I must say that over the years SQLPlus has always been reliable but hasn’t exactly changed much.

However there’s a new kids on the block, enter SQLCL (or SQL Command Line), which is available here.

Why is SQLcl a contender to the venerable SQLPus? Well this feature alone makes it worthwhile:

  • Command History

that’s right, it’s 2016 and SQLPlus still doesn’t let you recall previous commands easily (there are ways to do it, but nothing as simple and analogous to the BASH history command)

However, it’s some of the other features that really set it apart, how about –

  • Doing a ‘Create Table As Select’ in a single CTAS command
  • Generating the DDL for database objects using the DDL command
  • Being able to ALIAS your own commands (incredibly useful for creating shortcut commands for things you frequently type)

I really encourage you to try out SQLcl, it’s going to be a HUGE productivity gain over SQLPlus.

One thought on “SQLcl the Future?

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