Oracle Cloud – Updated UI

I was creating a new DBaaS Instance recently and noticed that much of the UI had changed from when I originally blogged about it previously. The differences are quite striking and it goes to show that you shouldn’t base your opinion on something you saw many months ago, always check your assumptions to see if they’ve changed!

So for example, in one of my older running DBaaS instances the home page looks like this


Old DBaaS Landing Page

whereas in the new instance it looks like this


New DBaaS Landing Page

So functionality equivalent, but very much nicer and more modern to look at.

The Database Monitor has been updated quite dramatically too, so for example it had an ‘ugly’ default webserver login page that looked like this


Database Monitor – Old Login Screen

and the home page looked like this


Database Monitor – Old Version

the new version has a much cleaner HTML based login


Database Login – New Login Page

and the home page looks much nicer


Database Login – New Landing Page

To my eyes this is a much more visually appealing page.

As well as being visually updated, there has also been some functionality added, so for example I can now clone, unplug and plug PDB’s directly from this interface (I’m pretty sure you couldn’t before – although I could be mistaken).


I have to say I’m pretty impressed by this update, whilst the visuals in no way change the underlying functionality (i.e. I can still perform most of these actions at the OS, DB level), having a visually pleasing UI gives another way to interact with the service.

Great job Oracle!

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