Monthly Archives: June 2016

APEX Integration with SQLCl

Oracle SQLcl contains some very useful built in commands that APEX developers might find useful.

For example, lets say I’m connected to a schema and want to know what APEX applications are installed in the workspace linked to that schema, I can simply issue the APEX command and it will list the APEX applications, for example:

SQL> apex
JES_DEMO 105 LDAP Demo Run and Develop 12-JUN-16
JES_DEMO 280 Amazing jQuery Run and Develop 12-JUN-16

Let’s say you want to export an application from the command line, we can use the APEX EXPORT command like this:

SQL> spool f105.sql
SQL> apex export 105

...application spools out

Now I can do cool things like automate exports from my application using cron, how cool is that?

I see a lot of potential in SQLCl and it keeps improving with each release, go and check it out!

APEX 5.1 Early Adopter 1 Available

After a long (but I’m sure well worth it) wait, Oracle just announced APEX 5.1 Early Adopter is available.

Head over to to sign up and request a Workspace.

The two big items everyone has been waiting for are

  • Interactive Grids
  • Jet Charts

but reading through the “Additional Features in Application Express 5.1” section on the EA homepage it looks like there are lots of other interesting improvements and enhancements.