Monthly Archives: December 2016

APEX 5.1 Released

So, I just saw this tweet which we’ve all been waiting for!

This release has been very eagerly awaited, since it features-

  • Interactive Grid
    • Supports Fixed Headers, Frozen Columns, Sorting, Aggregation etc
    • Supports all Item types, including Plugins!
    • Master -> Detail -> Detail -> Detail
  • Oracle JET Charts Integration
    • Range of charts, Bar, Line, Area, Range, Radar, Pie etc
    • Declarative
    • HTML5 (no more Flash!)
  • Universal Theme Enhancements
    • Per-user Theme preferences
    • Modal Dialog Auto Resize (yay!)
    • Asynchronous Dynamic Actions
    • Live Template Options (this will be a huge time-saver!)
  • New and Improved Packaged Applications

I’m downloading this right now and can’t wait to test it out.