APEX 5.1 – Interactive Grids

Now that APEX 5.1 has been released, I wanted to take a look at the Interactive Grid and see how easy it is to use.

So, let’s add a new Interactive Grid region to an application, using the standard EMP table as our query –

select e.empno,
  from emp e

Now running the application gives us this

So by default it gives you many options similar to an Interactive Report (e.g. filtering, breaking, highlighting etc), but it doesn’t allow editting by default (hands up if this caught you out first time you used it?).

To enable editing pop into the Attributes section and click Enabled.

this will give you a few more options which we’ll explore later. For now running the application gives me what I want – An Editable Report!

By default all the columns are text fields, but we can easily change the DEPTNO column to be a select list based on the following query

select d.dname,
  from dept d
 order by d.dname

You might also have noticed the little “hamburger menu” next to each row. This gives you some context specific control against each row.

The nice thing here is, as I mentioned earlier, we get all the capabilities of Interactive Reports, but with the power of easily being able to update the data. So for example I can do a break on Deptartmnent and can still update all the data easily.

I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that perhaps Interactive Reports will be ‘retired’ and Interactive Grids will become the replacement, there have however been a bunch of quirks I’ve noticed with the grid which should hopefully get patched soon, but in the meantime it’s an awesome productivity enhancement for developers to get this functionality out of the box (and declarative)!

In the next blog posts we’ll explore some more of the functionality of Interactive Grids.


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