Oracle Exadata Express Service – Kicking the Tires (Part 2 – Initial Setup)

In the last blog post I discussed signing up for the Exadata Express service, now I have access to it let’s see what I can do.

In the email I received after signing up, it contains some key information (obviously I’ve obscured it in the screenshot below) –

Much like the Oracle DBaaS service I get my own Identity Domain and a URL that I can use to access my service via a browser.

There is nothing in the email about how to connect via SQLPlus etc, but we’ll come to that in later posts (hopefully!).

So, let’s point my browser at the URL in the email and enter my OTN credentials, I end up in my Cloud Dashboard page, but I now see an Exadata Express section.

(Side note – I did hear of a few people who didn’t see that region after signing up and they had to add it manually, but I did not experience that behaviour).

Ok, so lets hit the ‘Create Instance’ link and see where it takes us

So now it recognises that Exadata Express instances are available to me (that option was obviously not available to me before I signed up for it).

On the next screen I just need to specify my new Instance name (I chose aeexa01 which was about as imaginative as I could get).

(again note I’ve obscured details like my Identity domain and email address)

Clicking next takes me to a confirmation page where I can click on confirm and create my instance.

Returning back to the Dashboard I can see my Instance is being created

The eagle-eyed amongst you will also see a Red icon showing I had a previous failure – the first time I tried to create an instance it just hung – since it was the first one I created I wasn’t sure how long it should take, but it was a definite failure so I terminated it (even though it didn’t seem to be accessible).

Roughly a couple of minutes after initiating the creation of the (second time) instance I received an email informing me it had been created, I could confirm this since the icon turned from Orange to Green in the dashboard.

Drilling into the link showed me the Instance was indeed up and running

I’m pretty impressed, the time to create the instance (~ 2 minutes) was substantially quicker than the time it took to purchase the instance (~ 5 minutes buying in the Oracle Store and then over 2 hours waiting for the confirmation email)

So that’s how easy / quick it is to provision an Oracle Exadata Express instance in Oracle Cloud!

In the next post we’ll explore the instance by clicking on that lovely inviting Service Instance URL link 😉


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