Using SQLDeveloper Drag and Drop to Create Objects to Exadata Express

In a previous post I showed how to connect SQLDeveloper to an Exadata Express Instance.

I was creating some schema objects whilst playing around with my Instance and seemed to remember hearing that you can drag and drop objects straight from SQLDeveloper so I decided to give it a try.

Firstly you need to open up a connection to your Exadata Express instance which I’ll use as my destination and a connection to your source instance.

Currently my destination schema has no objects in it

Now lets select the EMP and DEPT tables from the source connection and drag to our Exadata Express connection and you should see the following dialog pop-up.

I’ll go with the defaults here, after a moment or two the migration should have worked and you can see the new objects in the Exadata Express instance.

See how easy that was? It even created the primary keys and foreign constraints.

Note you’re not just limited to tables for this, it works for any type of database objects – packages, views, sequences etc.

Very cool!

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