REST Enabling Oracle Exadata Express using SQLDeveloper

Oracle SQLDeveloper makes it very easy to REST enable your database, I wanted to see if this was possible with the new Exadata Express service or if it was one of the restrictions. It turns out it is very easy to do.

Firstly, we need to connect to the Instance and we’ll enable REST Services by right clicking on the Connection

Now we can go to a table (the ubiquitous EMP table) and REST enable it.

When you click this option, you can give the object an alias (which is useful to hide the details of your internal object names).

For the purposes of this example I’m going to uncheck the Authorization required option since I want anyone to be able to query this rest end-point.

Now we can test the REST endpoint in our browser, in my case the URL is of the format

https://<instance>-<domain identity>

where jes represents my schema name and emp is the table name I just REST enabled.

If I access this URL I see –

How cool and easy is that?





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