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Application Express 4.0 – Early Adopter 2 Now Available


If you didn’t already see the news, the EA2 release of APEX4.0 has just been opened up.

Head over to, sign up for a workspace and try out all the cool new features.

EA2 includes the following key features –

  • Websheets (this will be huge!)
  • New collection enhancements
  • Tree region
  • Debugging has been rewritten

and many more (see Joel’s blog post for a full description).

APEX 4.0 is going to be a huge release and will have (arguably) the biggest impact of any APEX release, it’s certainly interesting times being involved in the APEX community.

APEX 4.0 – First Impressions

Now that the APEX 4.0 EA (Early Adopter) release is available to anyone to sign up and try out APEX 4.0, I’ve had a bit of time to play around with some of the features that up till now I’d only seen demo’ed.

My first impressions are very positive indeed. Whilst I’d seen quite a lot of it already, it’s not quite the same as being able to use it yourself.

Perhaps one of the first immediate changes, is the newly designed Application Builder look and feel

APEX 4.0 - Application Builder

APEX 4.0 also has a new Tree View in the Application Builder, which is very different to the ‘traditional’ view which has remained more or less the same across all versions of APEX.

APEX 4.0 Tree View

I must admit, when I first heard about and saw this feature (Patrick Wolf very kindly showed me a preview of it at a conference) I had my reservations about it. In fact I think I might have even said to Patrick that I wasn’t a fan of it. However, I now take that back. Now that I’ve used it (rather than just seeing it), I can see how it’s going to not only speed up my productivity (fewer clicks etc), but it is also going to be a big help to people new to APEX to understand the structure and flow of a page.

I’ve also had a play around with Dynamic Actions (which is really going to level the playing field for people who are not comfortable with custom javascript coding) and also Plugins to a limited degree. Both of these features are real game changers for APEX since they suddenly make the ‘sure we can do that, but it will take a while’ into ‘sure we can do that, there you go’.

I’m drilling down into a more detailed look at the features (future blog posts), but for now I have to say…I’m very very impressed (but then I already knew I would be).