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Advert: Oracle APEX Training in Manchester, UK

As Dimitri has already blogged, this year we are focussing on doing a lot more Oracle Application Express training events.

With that in mind, the first public training I’m doing this year is 3 day Introduction to Oracle Application Express in Manchester on the 22nd March.

Here’s an except from the course description –

Introduction To Oracle APEX I


Introduction to Oracle Application Express is designed for those who have little to no interaction with APEX or for those looking to formalize their understanding of APEX. This course starts out with a review of the architecture of APEX, how it works, and some example projects that have been built with APEX. It then describes the Utilities and SQL Workshop facilities of APEX. The bulk of the class is spent on the application builder. Most of the core components are covered in Intro to APEX I, with hands-on exercises used to reinforce the concepts.

Numbers are strictly limited for this course, which you can book online now by clicking on the calendar.

Increasing Scalability with Oracle Application Express

Yesterday, at the UKOUG APEX SIG (which I’ll post a follow-up about shortly), I did a quick 1 hour presentation on Increasing Scalability with Oracle Application Express, I touched on (and demonstrated) quite a few different techniques in which you can make you APEX applications more scalable (and/or just as importantly, reducing the overhead of your APEX applications).

Today, I received an email from someone who attended that presentation. I have asked their permission to post their message –

“I just thought I would let you know of the performance improvements I have got since your presentation yesterday”

and what were those improvements?

“The updateable grid has always been slow to run and was taking 1min 2seconds ( I couldn’t think how to improve it without completely redesigning it), with the changes this has been reduced to 6 seconds.”

and the difference in the production system –

[table id=2 /]

That’s quite an improvement from the users perspective, something which used to take over 30 seconds is now well under a second.

From my perspective, it’s great to know that some people were inspired to use what they learned to make some significant changes which will ultimately make their end users happier (and we’re all end users of one system or another right?).

At the UKOUG conference in a few weeks time, I’m actually going to be presenting a 2 hour Masterclass on the same topic (which allows me to go into more depth, more demos and more aspects than an hour allows).


Just a quick note to mention that on Wednesday I’ll be at the (2nd!) APEX SIG meeting at the Oracle City Office in London, it looks like it’s going to be a packed day (already sold out sorry!) full of APEX sessions. I’m very happy that something ‘official’ is now being held in the UK for APEX and that so many people are involved and supporting it.

Secondly, time flies…UKOUG is right around the corner now (30th November – 2nd December). There are lots of great APEX sessions planned –

[table id=1 /]

If you didn’t spot it, I’m doing 2 sessions, Dispelling Myths about Application Express and also a 2 hour masterclass on Building Scalable Applications with Oracle Application Express (which I believe should be interesting to *anyone* developing with APEX, not just those people who are developing large scale applications).

We are also going to hold an APEX round-table on Tuesday (1st December) at 12:55-13:55, where you can come along and ask any (APEX related!) questions you have.

It’s interesting to see that Oracle are taking this event seriously too, with David Peake, Anthony Rayner and Hilary Farrell from the APEX Development team all attending (and presenting).

Now, I just need to book my hotel!

Oracle Application Express Stimulus – Win a free training course

As we all know, the economy is making doomy, gloomy reading these days.

So, in the spirit of doing our own little ‘stimulus package’, we have decided to give a free place on our upcoming Application Express Training course to the person who can give us the best reason why they deserve the place.

There are very few rules, only –

  1. Your reason must be 50 words or less.
  2. You must be able to attend the course (so please don’t apply if there is no chance of you attending).
  3. Our decision is final and will be based purely on the one that makes us laugh the most.
  4. The winning entry (and any other notable ones) will be displayed on our site/blogs so please try and keep it clean!

It’s not often you get something useful for nothing these days (errr except APEX and SQLDeveloper of course), so we’re looking forward to seeing some good entries.

Email your submissions to with a subject line of ‘Free Place Submission’ (or click here to have it auto-filled for you). Don’t post your submission as a comment (we need it via email please).

UK APEX SIG – Coming VERY soon


The “need” for a UKOUG Application Express SIG (Special Interest Group) has been discussed a lot, Jonathan Lewis blogged about it a year ago and received a lot of interest. Sara Blair also floated (or resurfaced at least) the idea again last year, again receiving a lot of positive feedback. I have also been very interested in the idea and have said as much to most UK “APEX people” that I’ve spoken to.

However up till now it’s just never happened, fortunately Justin Hudd has progressed it past the idea stage and actually co-ordinated pulling everything together to actually make it happen!

So on the 13th February in the Oracle office in London will be the first UKOUG APEX SIG meeting!

The agenda is available on the UKOUG site here, however to give you an outline, we have –

  • David Peake (Oracle) – Latest & Greatest from Development
  • Anthony Rayner (Oracle) – Learn How Oracle Utilises Application Express
  • Dimitri Gielis (AE) – What happens on an APEX Page?
  • Matt Nolan & Vincent Migue (e-DBA) – Using APEX to Expose your Business to the Web
  • John Scott (me!) – Dispelling Myths about Application Express
  • APEX Forum – A chance to ask the Experts
  • A.O.B. and Close

The event is planned to run from 9am to 5pm, however given how enthusiastic most of us are about Application Express I’m sure we’ll be around a bit later too to ask any questions etc.

A note on the pricing:

  • If you are already a member of UKOUG then it’s free to attend.
  • If you are not a member then there is a £160 plus VAT charge.
  • Utrecht Apex Training – Followup

    A few days ago we held our third open European Application Express training days in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

    It was my first time in the Netherlands and I loved it, I have to say I thought it was a bit of myth about everyone using bicycles until I saw more bicycles in 20 minutes than I’ve seen in 30*cough* years in the UK.


    The event was fully subscribed (infact slightly more) with 34 attendees, some of whom had been on one of our previous events (which is a really encouraging sign and a good endorsement that you’re doing something right!).


    In the 3 days, we covered a lot of different topics, trying to squeeze in as much as possible to try and give everyone something that they could take away with them (always a difficult task!), hopefully we managed to do that (the feedback comments were very good and positive).

    I’m pleased to say that not a single demo failed this time…until we got to the quiz section on the final day, then all the problems came home to roost at the same time, luckily it was pretty funny (with me barely able to speak for laughing at some points).

    On the last training events we have invited the attendees out to a restaurant as a ‘thank-you’ from us, however this time we decided to go Bowling instead. All I can say is it’s been a loooooong time since I’ve been bowling, our lane was decidedly wonky and the balls weren’t perfectly spherical…there, did I make enough excuses?

    All in all, I had a great time, can’t wait till the next one!

    Application Express Training in Utrecht, The Netherlands

    After our highly successful Brussels and London Application Express Training Days, Apex Evangelists have just opened registration for our 3rd Application Express 3-Day training course.

    So, what are these training days? Well, we host a lot of on-site training for clients, however we also hold ‘open training’ days, where anyone can sign up, come along and get training by people who know the product inside-out. We believe that our training provides the highest quality training for superb value for money.

    The current agenda (subject to change) covers a variety of topics, but it doesn’t just stop there. We don’t believe in just a 9-5 training schedule and one of our core beliefs with these training events is to provide an open format where you can also raise any other (APEX related!) problems/questions you might have, particularly during some of our ‘out of hours’ relaxed sessions.

    Application Express Training in The Netherlands

    Following the previous training, we expect interest to be high (and places are strictly limited, so please don’t delay to register).

    You can find more information on exact location, pricing and signing up at