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Coolest new iPhone 2.0 Update feature?

One of the coolest, yet little publicised, new features of the iPhone 2.0 update (and there are lots of cool features to choose from) is the ability to take screenshots of whatever you’re currently looking at.

For example, looking at the Apex Evangelists homepage in Safari –

Apex Evangelists Homepage

Or perhaps you want to send a snapshot of a Google Maps location to a friend via email:

Google Maps screenshot

So now you can take a screenshot of just about anything on your iPhone, tap on the photo and email it to someone else (or use it as a Wallpaper etc)….very very cool.

So how do you take a snapshot? Simple…just quickly press the Home button and the Power button simultaneously and the screen should flash white for a second or so to show it has taken a snapshot. You should then find the snapshot in your Photos application.

iPhone 2.0 firmware is out!

Well, having given up on trying to get an iPhone 3G anytime soon in the UK, I’ve been looking forward to the 2.0 firmware update for my (now old) iPhone.

I noticed it has *just* been released:

iPhone 2.0 update

It’s a quick easy process to install the new firmware onto the phone (I do get the impression that most people who hate iTunes simply haven’t tried using it long enough, it is one of those application that is just ‘done right’ to me).

It took around 25 minutes in total to download and upgrade the firmware followed by a synch to restore all my old contacts etc, which gives this (very little changed other than the App Store icon) screen:

iPhone20 Updated

Now it’s time to go and check out the App Store and download some goodies for it!

First Oracle Related Application on the iPhone?

I was just browsing through the iTunes Application Store and noticed this application –


Hmm, I guess that really makes me a geek huh? I get to look at the iPhone apps and the first one I look for is an Oracle related one.

Of course, being an Application Express fan, I’ve been used to using an Oracle related product for a long time on the iPhone (since it’s just a web app).