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APEX 5.1 – Packaged Apps & JET Charts

I was looked around at the Packaged Apps in APEX 5.1 and noticed the Sample Charts application has been updated with the new JET charts.

If you’re not familiar with the Packaged Apps, they’re a great way to learn about the features and functionality in APEX, since if you see something you like in a packaged app you not only know that it must be possible to do that in APEX (since the packaged apps are APEX applications), but also you have access to the application so you can see exactly how the Oracle APEX development team accomplished it (note this will involve unlocking the sample app which has implications so make sure you’re happy with those implications before doing that).

So let’s go ahead and install the Sample Charts Packaged Application

after accepting the defaults in the wizard you’ll be able to run the application.

I like the look of this application and think it’ll be a great resource to refer back to, not only to see the different types of charts available but also how to implement them (remember I said you have full access to the packaged applications).

For example, looking at the new JET Bubble chart

I can dig into the SQL Query and see that it uses –

In other words, I need to define a query like

select country country,
       (employee/100) employee,
       (employer/100) employer,
       (total/100) total
 from eba_demo_chart_stats

and then you declaratively define which columns should be used for –

• Label
• X (position on the X axis)
• Y (position on the Y axis)
• Z (i.e. the size of the bubble)

So rather than trying to figure out from scratch how to produce a particular type of chart I can jump into the Packaged Application, find the example I like and then see how to implement it – that is a huge time saver.

There are quite a few of the chart types that still use either the old Anychart or D3 types and haven’t been updated to JET examples yet, but I’m sure that’s coming in APEX 5.2, but so far I’m loving the Oracle JET integration in APEX 5.1!