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Oracle OpenWorld 2008 – My Schedule

Even though it only seems like a few months since we were in the Cow Palace listening to Billy Joel, Oracle OpenWorld 2008 is just a few weeks away.

There are lots of Apex sessions going on at OOW this year, it seems to increase every year (in the 3 years I’ve been going to OOW). Rather than repeat the list here, David Peake has created a nice little Apex app (what else?!) to show the details of all the Apex sessions, including the number of seats and registered people, you can also find Davids original post about the sessions here.

My schedule for presenting this year is:

  • Sunday 21st Sept (10:00 – 11:30) – Oracle Application Express SIG: Ask the Experts
  • Sunday 21st Sept (15:45 – 16:45) – Oracle Application Express Hints, Tips, and Best Practices
  • Sunday 21st Sept (16:50 – 17:30) – Oracle APEX: Power to the People (Customer Success Story with Rich Mutell of AMGEN)
  • Thursday 25th Sept (09:00 – 10:00) – Dispelling Myths About Oracle Application Express

I seem to have a habit of getting ‘not so great’ time slots at OOW for some reason and this year seems to be no different. There’s a chance on the Sunday that the ‘Power to the People’ session will overlap with the ‘Hints, Tips and Best Practices’ one. Fortunately for the ‘Power to the People’ one it is Rich who talks through it all, I just sit there and press the buttons and move the mouse, so I’m sure Rich can handle that himself.

Both Joel Kallman and myself are presenting during the Customer Success Stories sessions, which tough luck as the Customer Success Stories are always popular sessions, however hopefully I’ll see a few friendly (perhaps lost?) people in my session.

The Best Practices presentation I’m doing is the same one I did at the Collaborate and ODTUG events this year, so if you’ve already seen it then that’s one more session you can chalk off your list!

The new presentation that I’m doing this year for OOW is the “Dispelling Myths About Oracle Application Express” presentation on thursday. Once again this has to perhaps be one of the worst times possible to presentation, think about it…9am the morning after the big party…there’s going to be lots of sleepy eyelids in that session, tough crowd! I’m looking forward to doing this session and have a few ideas on how to make it a little bit different and fun, but then again the things that work in your mind sometimes don’t work out in-front of an audience so we will have to see how brave I’m feeling!