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It’s back…and even better than before

Following the success of the WC2006 application, Dimitri Gielis has released the first version of DG Tournament, which extends on the World Cup application and allows you to bet (for fun of course!) on a number of different tournaments (including football, tennis and many many more events).

The application looks great visually and (because it’s written in Apex) will undoubtedly work like a dream, I’m already looking forward to coming bottom in the league tables like I did last time.

If you took part in the WC2006 event and enjoyed it, then sign up for DG Tournament, if you didn’t take part (or didn’t enjoy it) then sign up anyway…since there’s going to be lots more sports covered this time.

DG Tournament

Surprisingly Addictive

Google has a problem….when it indexes websites it picks up a lot of images, however it cannot really “know” what that image represents in the same way that you or I can in an instant by looking at it.

So, Google has launched a ‘game’, where you and a random partner have 90 seconds try and match keywords on as many images as you can, it’s much more fun than it sounds (honestly!). I had a quick look and then 20 minutes later I was still ‘playing’ it.

I have to congratulate Google, they’ve found a great way to encourage people to work for free (which is what we’re doing of course, by providing keywords that Google can use to index the images).

Try it out, it’s definitely worth a look –

Google Image Labeler Project