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Expert Oracle Application Express

Expert Oracle Application Express

It’s been around 3 years since I wrote Pro Oracle Application Express (with a chapter contributed by Scott Spendolini), and like most first time authors I said “That was a great experience, but I’m in no hurry to write another book again!”.

Writing a technical book is a very rewarding experience, but trying to do it alongside your regular day job is tough (tougher than I ever imagined). Trying to meet publishers deadlines while still trying to  keep your (paying!) clients happy is very tough indeed.

However, a couple of events made me rethink my “never again” policy, firstly the very sad passing of Carl Backstrom and then the equally sad and unexpected passing of Scott Spadafore.

These two people helped me immensely during my time with Oracle Application Express and since I knew them both personally I wondered what I could do to help the families of two people who I admired immensely and also considered friends.

That’s when I came up with the idea of writing a collaborative book, with each chapter written by a different author who knew both Carl and Scott.

At ODTUG last year I approached people who I knew felt the same way about Carl and Scott as I did and I felt an enormous sense of pride that every single one of the authors didn’t hesitate in agreeing to contribute a chapter, so for that I am eternally grateful to:

There is some great technical content in this book, written by some of the worlds best known Oracle APEX experts. Even if you don’t think you need this book, buy it…PLEASE.


A PLEA FROM ME: If you are only going to buy 1 book on APEX this year…please make it this one, if you are going to buy more than 1…well make sure one of them is this book!

PL/SQL Challenge – Goes Live!

The PL/SQL Challenge website has just PL/SQL Challenge - Home gone live!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s a website where you can pit your wits against a daily question by none other than Steven Feuerstein (yes that Steven Feuerstein!) and Finn Ellebaek Nielsen. Wait it’s even cooler than that, you can win cash (and other!) prizes and if that’s not enough to tempt you then you can see how you rank against other PL/SQL developers all over the world (and who wouldn’t want to know that!).

Steven asked APEX Evangelists (what seems like a long time ago – before we formed Sumneva) to help him create the front-end for the PL/SQL Challenge website (we previously created the I Love PL/SQL site for him) and we (myself, Dimitri Gielis and Paul Broughton) have worked in our ‘spare time’ to help to bring the site to life.

We of course used Oracle Application Express to create the front-end application (all of the back-end is PL/SQL code, what else did you expect from Steven?!), and even though I’m biased I have to say this makes for a dream development environment.

I have to say it’s been a pleasure to work with two professionals such as Steven and Finn. It really has been a baptism by fire for Paul working on such a project (how many interns get the chance to work with such giants as Steven?) but he more than rose to meet the challenge, thanks Paul!

So what are you waiting for? Go along…sign up…play the quiz…and see how well you can do (someone is going to win those prizes!).


Just a quick note to mention that on Wednesday I’ll be at the (2nd!) APEX SIG meeting at the Oracle City Office in London, it looks like it’s going to be a packed day (already sold out sorry!) full of APEX sessions. I’m very happy that something ‘official’ is now being held in the UK for APEX and that so many people are involved and supporting it.

Secondly, time flies…UKOUG is right around the corner now (30th November – 2nd December). There are lots of great APEX sessions planned –

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If you didn’t spot it, I’m doing 2 sessions, Dispelling Myths about Application Express and also a 2 hour masterclass on Building Scalable Applications with Oracle Application Express (which I believe should be interesting to *anyone* developing with APEX, not just those people who are developing large scale applications).

We are also going to hold an APEX round-table on Tuesday (1st December) at 12:55-13:55, where you can come along and ask any (APEX related!) questions you have.

It’s interesting to see that Oracle are taking this event seriously too, with David Peake, Anthony Rayner and Hilary Farrell from the APEX Development team all attending (and presenting).

Now, I just need to book my hotel!

Certification Exam for Oracle Application Express

Joel Kallman just posted that Oracle are in the process of creating a certification exam for Oracle Application Express, this is a very interesting development (and something that we in the community have discussed for a few years now).

Whilst I’m still on the fence about the whole ‘certification thing’, I do see this as another commitment by Oracle to make Application Express a serious contender amongst some of the more publicised (shall we say) development tool offerings they have.

You can get directly to the pilot page here (but I advise reading Joel’s blog first).

APEX Meetup at ODTUG 2009

ODTUG Kaleidoscope

ODTUG Kaleidoscope

ODTUG Kaleidoscope is just around the corner now (time flies!), now traditionally Dimitri is very good at organizing the APEX Meetup, however this year unfortunately he can’t make it (for very good reasons).

So, this time after lots of prompting (thanks Monty and Bharat) that I still hadn’t got round to announcing anything, I thought I’d put together this blog post to see how much interest there was in an APEX Meetup in Monterey for those of us going to ODTUG this year.

At the moment I think the way the schedule is, monday (during the ‘Shop, Dine and Play in Monterey’ night) or tuesday night (after the sundown sessions) looks best.

So if you’re going to ODTUG and fancy joining in with an APEX Meetup, drop a comment below and we’ll try and come up with a date/time/venue to suit the majority.

See you there!

Heading out to Collaborate 09

Collaborate 09Just a few more hours and then I’m heading out to Collaborate 09. In a break with tradition I’m actually flying out a bit later than usual and flying back a bit earlier (pressure of work and all that!), but I’m looking forward to it immensely.

If you’re looking for information about APEX sessions at Collaborate, Dimitri posted a list of the sessions and David Peake also made a nice (APEX of course) application where you can use an Interactive Report to view the sessions.

In terms of my own involvement at the conference, I am –

  • APEX ‘Ask The Experts’ Panel – Tuesday 13:30 – 14:30
  • Book Signing for Pro Oracle Application Express – Tuesday 14:30 (at the bookstore)
  • Presenting “Dispelling Myths about Oracle Application Express” – Wednesday 15:15 – 16:15

I’ll also be catching a lot of the other APEX sessions as well as lots of the non-APEX ones (I also like to go to at least 2 sessions that are not even remotely related to what I’m doing, just to check out the areas that I wouldn’t normally be exposed to).

So, if you see me at Collaborate (I’m usually the one wandering around lost trying to find the right room that I needed to be in 10 minutes ago), then please say hello, conferences are great places to catch up with old friends but also to make new ones.

Right…better start packing!